Site Management Controller

Monitor and manage the VPOC™ system, as well as power usage for every power shelf and power supply in the data rack within one accessible location using Lite-On’s Site Management Controller.

The web interface provides the insight needed to effectively control the data center power flow while also highlighting site issues down to the power supply level.

"Real-time monitoring of equipment and environment."
Key Features
Real-time monitoring of equipment and environment
Real-time alarm logging and delivery
Remote Management through Web Interface
Three RS232 / RS485 communication ports with MODBUS support
Dual 10 / 100 / 1000 Ethernet ports
Six Digital Inputs for remote sensors
Small Form Factor - 1U high
Monitoring Features
Rack Monitoring & Control
VPOC™ and Lite-On Power Shelf
UPS, Power Metering
Access Control / Intrusion Detection
IP Cameras, Infrared
Secure Web Interface
Temperature / Humidity

VPOC™ System Components

The VPOC™ system provides a comprehensive power management and battery backup capability based on multiple building blocks with configuration flexibility to suit specific power, size, and run-time requirements. The table below provides additional information on the different building blocks available to create a customized power solution. Please contact your local Lite-On PSS representative for support or more in-depth information.
ComponentModel NumberDescription
VPOC™ ModuleVM-3103-111U10kW Power Module
VPOC™ ShelfVP-3103-111UVPOC™ Power Shelf with 3 slots:
  • 1 VPOC™ Power Module slot
  • 2 VPOC™ Li-ion Battery Module slots
1U or 0U
Cabinet PDU with 20A fuse and IEC320-C13 receptacles (6) plus IEC320-C19 receptacles (2)
Expansion PDU with 20A fuse and IEC320-C13 receptacles (6) plus IEC320-C19 receptacles (2)
VPOC™ Li-ion Battery UnitBM-1502-010U2.5 minute runtime at 5kW (2 battery units provide 2.5 minutes at 10kW)
VPOC™ VRLA Extended Battery ModuleBK-1151-010U3U EBM equipped with VRLA batteries for 3.5 minute runtime at 10kW
Site Management ControllerCP-13EC-010URack management and control
19" RackKT-1942-10119-inch EIA rack