Battery Backup Unit

The Battery Backup System (BBS) by Lite-On Power System Solutions is a rack-mounted backup power solution for servers, data centers, and other critical-power environments. The BBS provides up to 7kW of output power with only a height of 1U and communicates with the Lite-On DC Power Shelf.

The 1.75kW Lithium-ion Battery Backup Unit is both a battery pack and a power module that includes 1.75kW discharge capacity and a constant-current charger for its batteries. The BBU can supply 12V full-power backup for over 3 minutes during an AC power loss or power fault condition.
"A battery pack and a power module that includes up to 1.75kW discharge capacity and a constant-current charger."

Key Features

1.75kW power output (91.6A maximum) for system backup
Off-Line and On-Line modes
Modular high performance Li-ion battery pack Inside (replaceable)
Monitors battery condition
1 OU Height
Active current sharing technology to optimize battery life
PMBus 1.2 communication support
BM-1172-01X1.75 kW Li-ion Battery Module for DC UPS Extended Battery Module (EBM)
BP-1702-01X4 slot Battery Backup Shelf for BM-1172-01X

Three Phase Power Shelf System Components

ComponentModel NumberDescription
Power ShelfAll modelsPower Shelf chassis includes one Shelf Controller slot and up to 10 PSU Module slots
Power Supply UnitAll modelsHot-Swappable Power Supply Unit
Battery Backup SystemBP-1702-01X7kW 1U Battery Backup Shelf with 4 slots
Battery Backup UnitBM-1172-01X1.75kW Battery Backup Unit
Shelf ControllerCM-12CP-010UManages the Power Shelf and Li-ion Battery Backup System (BBS)
Site Management ControllerCP-13EC-010URack management and control
21-inch OCP RackKT-2141-12121-inch Open Frame Rack