Metered Power Distribution Units

Each Metered Power Distribution Unit can be individually configured to address your unique needs for voltage regulation, voltage transformation, harmonic reduction, and isolation with a multitude of distribution options.

Designed for EMEA, APAC, NA and Japan, these units offer highly reliable power distribution to a diverse range of IT and cloud equipment.

Metered Power Distribution Unit by Lite-On Power System Solutions
“Monitor power distribution voltage, current, power and frequency.”

Monitoring Features

Metered PDU
Input Voltage
Output Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency
RMS Voltage, Current
Protocols Supported IPv4, HTTP, HTTPS(TLSv1.2), SMTP, SMTPS, DHCP, SNMP(v2c/v3), NTP, SSH, and Syslop
User interface Liteon specific, SNMP, JSON-based Web GUI, Command-line interface using SSH


Metered PDU
Input Connection NEMA L6-30P, NEMA L15-30P, IEC309-32
Input Voltage 240V 1Phase, 240V Delta, 380-415V Wye
Input Rated Current 24 – 32A
Input Frequency 50Hz to 60Hz
Output Outlets IEC320-C13 (18 or 36), IEC320-C19 (3 or 6)
Cord Length 9.84′ (3 m)
Metered Power Distribution Units by Lite-On Power System Solutions
Metered Power Distribution Units PDU by Lite-On Power System Solutions