4.5 kW 3-Phase Power Supply

The PS-2452-1L1M is a compact and efficient 4.5kW Power Supply Unit (PSU) that accepts true Three-Phase AC power. The PSU phase-balances the input load and outputs both 12VDC main and standby power.

As many as 5 hot-swappable, compact (PSUs) easily slide into a single 5-slot power shelf (PF-2183-1L1M) for a total parallel capacity of 22.5kW or 18kW (n+1).

In addition, this PSU supports PMBUS1.2, LED status indicator, forced-air cooling, and circuit protection features.
4.5 kW Power Supply Unit by Lite-On Power System Solutions
"True three-phase AC input for phase-balanced operation."

Key Features

4.5kW, 12.5V / 360A main output power
4.5kW output power with 30W standby power
True three-phase AC input for phase-balanced operation
Supports PMBUS1.2 communication protocol
High density design (16.98W / inch^3)
Platinum-rated efficiency
Parallel operation for capacity or redundancy
8 sets of unique PSU addresses


Model NumberPS-2452-1L1M | 4.5kW Power Supply
Main Output Power4.5kW
Input Voltage, nominal380VAC / 400VAC
Power Factor0.98 at > 50% Load; 0.96 at 20% Load; 0.92 at 10% Load
Input Current THD5% at > 50% Load
Input Current Phase Sharing5% at > 20% Load
Output Voltage, nominal12.5VDC
Operating Temperature0°C to 50°C
ApprovalsUL60950-1, IEC60950-1 International, GB4943, RoHS
Dimensions (H x W x D)4.40’’ x 3.46’’ x 17.4’’ (112 mm x 88 mm x 442 mm)
Warranty2 Years

System Components

The system provides a comprehensive power management and battery backup capability based on existing building blocks with configuration flexibility to suit specific power, size, and run-time requirements. The table below provides additional information on the building blocks available to create a customized power solution.
ComponentModel NumberDescription
Power ShelfPF-2183-1L1M3-Phase 18kW (4+1) 3U Power Shelf chassis includes one Shelf Controller slot and five PSU Module slots
  • Power Module Slots (5)
  • Shelf Controller Slot (1)
Power Supply UnitPS-2452-1L1M4.5kW Hot-Swappable Power Supply Unit
Battery Backup SystemBP-1442-01X4.4KW 1U Battery Backup Shelf with 4 slots
Battery Backup UnitBM-1112-01X1.1kW Battery Backup Unit
Shelf ControllerCM-12CP-010UManages the Power Shelf and Li-ion Battery Backup System (BBS)
Site Management ControllerCP-13EC-010URack management and control
21-inch OCP RackKT-2141-12121-inch Open Frame Rack